5 Mobile Marketing Strategies For Your E-commerce Business

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Applying mobile marketing strategies to your e-commerce business is a vital approach you ought to include in case you need to be successful as an e-commerce business owner. In the previous few years, the wide variety of people that use mobile marketing for their e-commerce business has elevated tremendously. Right now there are about 3.8 […]

5 Stages of the Ecommerce Customer Journey

5 Stages of the E-commerce Customer Journey

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Of all the business tools available to e-commerce businesses, the e-commerce customer journey maps are one of the most essential. And if it’s not already part of your e-commerce marketing strategy, you are likely losing customers and sales. Ecommerce customer journey maps help clarify and develop important parts of the customer journey. It allows you […]

A Complete Checklist For Writing Professional Emails

A Complete Checklist For Writing Professional Emails

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Emails remain one of the most widely used forms of communication that are used to communicate in the professional environment. This is because of its efficiency to target customers and business professionals, boss, colleagues, head of departments, professors etc directly through their mailbox. Hence, you must have a professional email checklist to ensure you consistently […]

Email Segmentation: How to Segment your Email list

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Email segmentation is an important strategy for a successful email marketing campaign. Although building an email list is the first step in any email marketing strategy, without proper segmentation it might not be that effective to deliver the desired result. All customers/subscribers are not the same, they differ by their location, interest, age, purchasing power, […]

Why you Should Learn A Digital Skill Alongside Your Degree

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  As a student, you are probably wondering what the future holds for you especially here in Nigeria where there is a “constant tug of war” between ASUU and the Federal Government. and students’ hope for a good education continues to deteriorate every day. The above crises, coupled with the coronavirus pandemic had kept students […]

How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy in 6 Steps

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According to the Content Marketing Institute, 61% of content marketers don’t have a content marketing strategy. This means that you have a better chance of success in content marketing than those who don’t.  The Phrase “Content is king” is still much relevant in the year 2021 and would continue to be as far as content […]