Why you Should Learn A Digital Skill Alongside Your Degree


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As a student, you are probably wondering what the future holds for you especially here in Nigeria where there is a “constant tug of war” between ASUU and the Federal Government. and students’ hope for a good education continues to deteriorate every day.

The above crises, coupled with the coronavirus pandemic had kept students in a constant debate about what the future holds for them.

The truth is that your future is in your hands, be the one that shapes your future, be the controller of your own destiny.

No degree can help shape your future whether first, second, or even fourth.

The truth is that your degree will open doors for you, get you to the interview table, and abandons you there. Leaves you there with nothing (what a douche right.)

But one thing would get you through that interview and would even go as far as establishing you.

Do you want to know what would get you through?

It is your individual talent, skill, and experience that you have developed over time that would get you through. It would be your saving grace.

So it is not mandatory you get a second or third-degree before you are successful although it is necessary you have at least a degree say for the sake of the future.

But a  degree won’t teach you about life, but the experience will.

I would choose experience and talent over degree any day.

Let me end with this quote from one of my favorite Tv-series “One Tree Hill” by Daniel Scott

“Bad decisions Bad life

Poor Choices Poor life”

Therefore make a good decision today and learn some digital marketing skills.

Below is a link to some interesting digital marketing skills you can learn this 2021.

30 Day Social Media Mastery ebook

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