Instagram ads

How To Use Instagram Ads To Increase Your Sales In 2022

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Using Instagram Ads to promote your business can help your business increase its sales, create brand awareness, generate traffic and increase conversion. Instagram is a social media platform with over 1 billion active users monthly according to Statista. Many people use Instagram to connect with their family and loved ones, shop and browse new products […]

Blog post on WordPress

How To Create A Blog Post On WordPress

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Creating a blog post on WordPress can help you drive quality traffic and rank your website better on search engines. In fact, most online businesses usually have a blog section on their WordPress websites. They use this section to publish articles on their industry to educate and inform their customers. This way, they showcase their expertise and build […]

CMS platform

Top 5 CMS Platform for Your E-commerce Business

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Knowing the best CMS platform to host your e-commerce business can take your e-commerce business to the next level. There are different e-commerce CMS business platforms out there with different functions, specifications and prices. Knowing the right one to pick can help you build a flexible and highly-functional e-commerce website that will drive traffic, generate […]

Customer engagement

6 Customer Engagement Strategies For Small Businesses

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Customer engagement is not something you should take lightly or ignore if you want your business to prosper in 2022. Statistics shows that about  79% of customers engaging and receiving a timely response with the business they’re buying from is very important. In 2022, doing business has moved beyond buying a product or hiring your […]