Principles of persuasion

How To Apply the principles of persuasion to your marketing strategy

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Dr Robert Cialdini wrote about 6 principles of persuasion used by marketers to increase conversions of potential customers across various industries. The ability to influence people is compelling, especially when selling your product and services. His persuasive techniques can help small businesses increase conversion rates in every part of their marketing strategy. In this post, […]

Remote content creator In Nigeria

How To Become a Remote Content Creator in Nigeria

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The job description of a remote content creator in Nigeria cut across many industries including marketing, science, medicine and technology. This means there are a lot of job opportunities for Nigerians that want to choose content creation as a career path or freelance work. What’s more, the role or job responsibilities of a content creator […]

Blog post on WordPress

How To Create A Blog Post On WordPress

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Creating a blog post on WordPress can help you drive quality traffic and rank your website better on search engines. In fact, most online businesses usually have a blog section on their WordPress websites. They use this section to publish articles on their industry to educate and inform their customers. This way, they showcase their expertise and build […]

CMS platform

Top 5 CMS Platform for Your E-commerce Business

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Knowing the best CMS platform to host your e-commerce business can take your e-commerce business to the next level. There are different e-commerce CMS business platforms out there with different functions, specifications and prices. Knowing the right one to pick can help you build a flexible and highly-functional e-commerce website that will drive traffic, generate […]