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Why is everyone so excited about going digital?

Going Digital

Going digital has transformed and still transforming both our personal and professional lives, helping us work better, solve problems and generally making life much easier.

Businesses now rely on digital devices, applications and technologies, applications and services to reach a larger audience at a very affordable cost.

Therefore as a business organization, you must be relentless in finding new ways to create value for customers and consumers and the general society.

What is Digital transformation? 

Digital transformation is the implementation of digital technologies into all areas of business in order to build more sustainable relationships and better understand the needs of customers.

It involves the changing of existing business processes or creating a new one to adapt to the evolving market requirements with the help of technologies. This means rethinking everything you do as a business organization by adopting new technologies to provide a better customer experience as well as streamlining your internal performance.

When talking about digital, we mean using innovation and technologies to push your business in finding new possibilities to deliver a better experience for your customer.

5 Reasons Your Company has to go digital

1. Better customer experience

The most successful organizations today are highly digital and relentlessly finding new ways to create value for their customers. People are obsessed with the latest technology because it makes their work easier and  faster  Any piece of technology, application and digital devices  is created to satisfy the customer experience.

Flowing from the above, a business with superior digital experience can expect a 15% increase in customer retention rates and 6x better customer satisfaction, based on the research done by Aberdeen Group. Those companies at the forefront of the digital revolution will earn much more authority, trust and respect from customers.

2. Track Metrics and Analyze Data

It is much easier to track the progress and success of a business that has gone digital. Tracking metrics and analyzing the data that is gained during digital marketing efforts allows businesses to optimize their strategies and processes for even better results.  Using data-driven insights to understand customers can generate real-time feedback and agility.

This involves businesses making use of both structured generated through personal customer information and unstructured data generated through social media metrics pulling together data from many sides of the business to help drive the transformation journey. Also, analytics or the basic website tool provided by your hosting company can easily track how many clicks, views, or responses your product or campaign got at a very low cost.

3. New ways of advertising your business

The advancement of science and technology has made it possible for business to advertise their products and services in new and advanced ways. Many businesses now showcase their goods and services on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. They also make use of social media adverts, as well as Google Ads to promote their goods and services to a broader audience.

4. Increase Revenue

Technology has made it possible for people to use their smartphones to make online research before they making a purchase online. Therefore taking your business online can increase sales, awareness and traffic.  A report by the Altagamma-McKinsey Online Observatory found that 20% of online and in-store sales were driven by online marketing.  This study also found out that sales from digital marketing generated a $12.5 billion optimal profit.

5. Increase agility and innovation

Agility is very important in business because every business needs to continually improve and develop to meet the current digital trend.  When it comes to digital transformation initiatives, 68% of companies rank agility among the top three considerations.

The rapid development and perpetual changing of the digital landscape leave no time for companies to rest on their laurels.

Even those on top must be ready to adapt and innovate. There will always be new competition, new tools, and new trends. With that, the customer will demand more, wanting it faster and better than before. Staying ready is crucial.

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