6 Effective Ways To Increase your YouTube Channel

6 Ways to Increase Your YouTube Channel

In this blog post, I am going to share some important secrets on how to increase your youtube channel to attract more followers and generate more revenue.

As of 2020, more than 2 Billion users tune in to YouTube every month and consume more than 5 billion videos every day! This makes it a channel that you just can’t look away from if you are looking to market your brand to an online audience.

Research has shown that YouTube is the second most popular site on the web? and is second only to Google in the most visited sites on the web.

Another statistic shows that  85% of businesses are actually using video as a marketing tool.

Currently, video content will represent 82% of internet traffic, it would only make sense for businesses to take advantage of this medium.

So how do you grow your youtube channel? Let’s find out.

How To Grow Your Youtube Channel

1. Host Giveaways

Hosting a giveaway, contest or any free service that you know would benefit your audience is a good way to grow your channel on youtube.

This giveaway can vary depending on what your niche is all about. For example, if you are a fashion company, you can offer a service for free or share some important fashion tips for free.

If you are an e-commerce service like Afrimash you can offer a free video on how to use some product or a black Friday where customers can buy your goods at a discount.

Regardless of what your giveaway price is, it has to be something worthwhile for it to gain traction and bring subscribers your way.

2. Use Google-friendly keywords

Since Youtube is own by Google, how you optimize your keywords in your videos plays an important role in ranking on search engine result pages.

Your youtube channel’s success depends on how effective you are at discovering, researching, analyzing, and selecting the right keywords.

Therefore, ranking on Google search engines depends not only on the type of keywords you choose to use but also on how strategic you are.

Here are some tips you can use to find a Google-friendly keyword.

  • Make use of a keyword tool like Semrush, Google ads keyword planner
  • Scan the search engine result page for those keywords if they are videos or content written
  • Try adding some words like “How to” or “tutorials” to your title
  • Make sure those keywords align with your goals and objectives of your channel

3. Make use of a compelling title On Your YouTube Channel

In digital marketing or online marketing, the title is the most important part of any piece of content. The title is the first thing your audience sees when they engage with your content.

Creating a compelling title can help increase your youtube channel. Make sure your title is brief and at the same time attention-grabbing. Stick to 60 characters maximum or some of your title might get cut off when displayed.

Ensure that the first half of the title contains your keyword to avoid losing some valuable information because most readers focus more on the beginning of a title.

Make sure your title at least offers a benefit or solution, this way people are more willing to engage with your video when they know you have something to offer.

To come up with a title you can use the youtube auto-complete feature or go to the bottom of the google search page to look for related searches.

4. Create High Quality and Engaging videos On Your YouTube Channel

In digital marketing, the quality of your content is very important and since the video is one form of content,  it has to be high quality, informative, and engaging at the same time.

Making video content doesn’t have to be rocket science and you do not necessarily need high-tech gadgets to make videos.

With your regular smartphone, you can record and edit awesome videos that will deliver your message to your target audience effectively.

FlexClip Viva Video, Inshot, Filmorago, So Loop, are among hundreds of great apps you can use to create videos.

If you are a bit techy you could also use some more professional apps like Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effect, Final Cut Pro, Corel Video Studio, or use the regular Microsoft Video Editor that comes with your PC.

Shoot your videos during the day, when you can use natural light, ensure the object to be filmed is facing the light. And in cases where you have to make the videos in a low light environment, you can use a ring light or get some of the LED lights like 10-30 watts.

You can use your Bluetooth earphones or use a lapel microphone for your audio.

5. Promote Your Channel on Your website and social media Page.

Another way you can increase your youtube Channel is to share your youtube link on your website and social media pages.

You can make use of Smash Balloon to display your youtube feed on your website.

Smash Ballon is a social media feed plugin for WordPress that allows you to display customizable feed for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Therefore you can sync your youtube channel with your website. This will show your visitors the videos you have posted on your youtube channels.

6. Make a “Trailer” for your channel.

Once you have identified your niche and your audience and completed your profile through extensive research, you can go ahead and make a trailer video for your channel.

A channel trailer is a short video about your product and services to help viewers understand what your channel is about.

Your trailer doesn’t have to be big-budget, Hollywood style. Make it simple, informative, and educative.

Remember that trailers are set on autoplay, they are also shown to people who are not subscribed to your channel, so it’s a powerful way to turn viewers into subscribers.

Therefore your trailer should count and use more of your keywords.

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