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How Facebook Ads can Benefit Your Small business

Social media marketing is a tremendous way to improve your business and increase brand awareness and generate leads.

Amongst these social media network platforms, Facebook remains one of the most popular and effective social media marketing platforms.

Facebook has over 2.70 billion monthly active users, with over 2.65 billion mobile users and 1.59 daily mobile active users.

From the above statistics, it can be deduced that Facebook is a platform that has a huge amount of active users when compared to other social media marketing platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Although it might not be as popular as Google Adwords. Facebook ads provide small businesses with a great opportunity to develop and deliver customized and cost-effective campaigns targeted towards a specific audience.

Flowing from the above, if you are not advertising your business on Facebook, now is the right time to do so especially if you want to build brand awareness, increase traffic, and generate conversions.

Here are 7 benefits of why you need Facebook ads for your small business.

Large Mobile Audience

Facebook has more active mobile users than desktop users.

The fact that over 2.65 billion people access Facebook from their mobile device and 50% of all internet searches now on mobile.

These statistics show that your ads are likely to get more seen due to the fact that people can easily access Facebook even at the comfort of their ‘toilet’.

The fact is that Facebook has over 1.59 billion people who access Facebook from their mobile device daily, now imagine how many that would be in 1 month, 3 months, and even a year.

It’s mind-blowing right?. Now imagine if your ads are seen by 1/3 of those people, that would be like hundreds of thousands of people.

Isn’t it amazing? That’s what your business can achieve if you decide to run Facebook ads.

Although you must make sure your site is mobile-friendly, if people are having difficulties viewing your site then you might have a problem as your customers might switch to your competitors.

Make sure you review your site regularly by asking for feedback from your customers.

Facebook Ads can be used to Remarket

One of the benefits of Facebook ads is the introduction of a Facebook pixel. Facebook pixel is a code that you place at the header section of your website to help track conversions from Facebook ads.

What this does is track activity from your website and show ads back to the visitors on various websites across the Internet and social media.
Retargeting might be simple or in dept, depending on whom you are targeting.

Although I won’t advise you to target all those people that visit your site, you can be more strategic about it by targeting people that have visited important pages on your websites like the contact page and form completion page.

People who have spent a considerable amount of time on your website signed up to an email letter and people who have added a product to their cart and left the site( Cart Abandoners).

These are the people you should likely target because they are the ones who are likely to buy from you.

The main purpose of remarketing is to show your ads to people who have once visited your site and perform some certain action, you can show the product to the person at a future date, you can probably give a discount to motivate that customer to buy from you and Facebook can help you achieve this through Facebook Pixel.

Highly Targeted Audience

Facebook ads allow you to target customers based on certain demographics. When drafting your social media strategy, you might have created a customer persona avatar based on some demographics like age, location, and gender to give you an impression of who your customer is.

Facebook ads give you these same criteria for selecting your customer’s age range, gender, location, interest, occupation, and behavior, etc. This is just like inputting your customer avatar into Facebook to target the right audience.

Facebook ads allow you to target specific ads to specific audiences that are likely going to interact with them and also encourage them to click on that ad. You can also target multiple audiences that are likely to want to engage with your business.

Therefore, Facebook shows your ads to people that are likely to buy your product or service.

Facebook ads are measurable

When running a Facebook ad, the most important thing is to know what you are getting for your money.

What’s the point of running an ad campaign if you do not know how many of the sales and leads you to receive at that particular time have actually come from the ad campaign you are running.

Facebook gives you reports and analytics about the performance of your ads.

If certain campaigns are performing better or people are engaging more with some certain content, you can increase your budget to ensure you get the best return on investment.

With Google analytic, you can simply see how many conversions, clicks, and impressions your ads are getting, while Facebook pixel allows you to track the website activity of people coming from your ads, so you can monitor their behavior after interacting with your ad.

Improve Brand Awareness and traffic

Due to the number of people on Facebook and because it is a very cost-effective platform unlike Instagram makes it an effective platform for building your brand. The statistics I mentioned earlier in the post support this claim.

Facebook ads ensure more people are aware of your product and services.

You can improve your brand awareness by engaging your audience by posting regularly, doing a giveaway, holding a contest, or setting up a poll about 2 of your product and let people comment on what they think.

When people begin to engage with your ads over the long run they would begin to trust you enough to buy from you. Brand awareness is just a way of saying ” This is what am selling or offering”.

Compelling ads and highly relevant ads can force the customer to leave Facebook and head to your site by clicking that particular ad.

This can be done by running a website click campaign to send your target audience to your website.

My advice to those running Facebook ads is to install Facebook pixel alongside their ads to get the most out of Facebook ads. You can read more about Facebook pixel here.

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